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From ultra-pure air to safe supply chains


Reduced ethylene oxide emissions for workforce and community safety

Wouldn’t it be nice if medical device sterilization did not lead to indoor ethylene oxide air pollution? In the real world, EtO-sterilized medical products and devices stored in sterilizer facilities and warehouses may emit ethylene oxide for a period of time after sterilization. The solution? Sonata Scientific’s control technology will transform your indoor air quality (IAQ) without changing your process. We eliminate indoor fugitive ethylene oxide emissions, providing clean and safe air for facility workers and nearby communities.


Ultra-pure air for critical manufacturing environments: where a “low” VOC level is not low enough

When it comes to VOCs, how low is low? For many cleanroom environments, the typical scrubbing systems can’t satisfy today’s advanced manufacturing requirements let alone tomorrow’s challenges. The solution? Sonata Scientific’s control technology drives VOCs to part-per-trillion levels to ensure worker safety and maximum product yield. It removes VOCs at the low concentrations other systems just can’t touch.


A game-changing, industrial-strength IAQ solution that breaks new ground

Sonata Scientific’s IAQ solution is based on a revolutionary technology that does what no system has ever done before.

  • Cleans up after itself
    VOCs, even the difficult, low-boiling ones like formaldehyde, are destroyed, not retained, leading to improved performance, longer lifetimes, and less waste.
  • Fits right in
    Works alone—no outside ducting required—for a portable, energy-efficient solution effective across a wide humidity range. A low pressure drop means it also plays well with others as part of a larger air handling system—without the need for costly, system-wide upgrades.
  • Plugs in and keeps its cool
    Operation is at room temperature and 110 V. No natural gas for heating or upstream air treatments required.
  • Does what you need where you need it
    The regulatory landscape is getting tougher. Manufacturing tolerances are getting tighter. With Sonata Air Quality, you’re addressing your critical applications with a higher standard.

Our patented catalyst harnesses the power of Reactive Oxygen Species

The beauty of Sonata Scientific’s control technology is that VOCs are destroyed, not merely stored. Everything happens within the device. And that means that the only thing that leaves the system is ultrapure air. How do we do it? Simply put, our patented catalyst unleashes Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) that eliminate VOCs once and for all. Nothing is left but clean.

Think about IAQ differently

Sonata Scientific’s IAQ solution is not only more effective—it’s more sustainable. It generates less waste. It doesn’t need “make-up air.” It enables new strategies to solve old problems. We’re the solution for any manufacturer or commercial facility seeking a greener, more effective path to better IAQ. We continue to innovate and are currently working on products that address a wide range of airborne pathogens as well as VOCs. Tell us your issue – we can help.

Change the air without changing your ways

Sonata Scientific’s control technology fits in with your current operation. There’s no disruption to your process or your infrastructure. Unlike fixed systems that require new ductwork, new treatment units, and perhaps a whole new building, Sonata is plug-and-play. It likes you just the way you are!

Sonata Scientific: Innovative technology that improves lives

Sonata Scientific’s interdisciplinary team of chemists, physicists and materials engineers develops innovative products that radically improve health and well-being. These include advanced IAQ systems based on novel technology derived from our scientific breakthroughs in nano engineering.